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Sri Yantra - is a powerful positive energy symbol. Sri Yantra is known to usher in peace, prosperity, harmony and good fortune. Sri Yantra is one of the auspicious, important and powerful Yantra which gives the maximum benefit for almost everybody. Since ages mystics and gurus have always known about the powers of triangular formulations like pyramids and stars. It was plain pyramids in Egypt, Star of David as the sacred symbol of Jewish religion and Star of Bethlehem as the lucky star in Christianity. The temples, Synagogues and Churches always had the pyramid formation. The moment we enter these places of worship we feel a deep sense of peace and happiness. The Sri Yantra in the 3 dimensional form is a multi pyramid triangular grid signifying unlimited abundance and positive powers. The temples of India were always built on the basis of Sri Yantra formation.



Sri Yantra was known in India as early as 4000 BC. Vedic scriptures mention of the Sri Yantra symbol as being revealed by the gods. It has indeed baffled and amazed modern mathematicians and scientists that such a complex geometrical symbol was drawn and constructed almost 6000 years ago. Modern science has acknowledged the cosmic power of multi pyramid grids of Sri Yantra. Most of the temples and places of worship in India were built on the lines of Sri Yantra Meru formation. Even in places like Cambodia, Indonesia and Egypt which has ancient Indian influence the places of worship and pyramids were built on the lines of Sri Yantra. The very formation of Sri Yantra brings in such a tremendous amount of peace and good fortune. The renowned American physicist Dr. Patrick Flanagan calls the Sri Yantra the 'king of power symbols' and describes its energetic effect as seventy times greater than that of a pyramid construction. A three centimeter Sri Yantra possesses a greater energetic effect than a two meter pyramid.

Temple Of Tanjore, India 200 BC
2200 years ago

Pelinggih Meru Temple in Bali, Indonesia 800 AD (1200 years ago)

Angkorwat, Cambodia, 700 AD
1300 years ago

Temple of Tirupati, India, 500 BC 
(2500 years ago).

Ayuthaya Temples, Thailand 800 AD.

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The Puri Jagannath Temple, Orissa, 800 AD

Konark Sun Temple, Orissa, India, 800 AD

Padmanabha Temple, Kerala, India
 built 3000 years ago. 

Preah Vihear Temple
Thailand - Cambodia border.
Shiva temple built in 1000 AD by Khmer King Suryavarman. 

The Jagannath Temple Of Puri -
Built 1000 years ago.

The Sri Yantra - Fundamental basis of all the temples.

Borobudur temple complex , 
Central Java, Indonesia , 825 AD




Bring the Crystal Sri Yantra to your home and place of work. You can keep the Crystal Sri Yantra in your showcase just like any other decorative items. Our Crystal Sri Yantras are aesthetically very pleasing.  Sri Yantras of any size and number will usher in maximum positive energy, prosperity, harmony, peace and good luck. You can instantly feel the flow of positive energy. The Sri Yantras can be merely kept in any convenient place at home and office. You can keep one or any number of Sri Yantras. You can opt for the smaller 100 carat Sri Yantra initially. Bring the Sri Yantra into your life. You will achieve lifelong peace, prosperity, happiness and success. While you can place the Crystal Sri Yantra anywhere at home or office place at least one crystal Sri Yantra in the SOUTH EAST corner of home.



All crystal Sri Yantras are hand sculpted from natural rock crystals. Sri Yantra can be made in wood, panch datu (combination of 5 metals) gold etc. But the powers of Sri Yantra are more pronounced when made out of natural rock crystals. Sri Yantras are sculpted by artisans of India who have been doing this for generations. All the Sri Yantras are blessed and energized in Tirupati, India. Shipping is FREE. Normally delivered within 12 days to most parts of the world. 

Crystal SRI YANTRA 100 carats - 1 

Crystal SRI YANTRA 100 carats - 2 

Crystal SRI YANTRA 100 carats - 4 


Prices are all inclusive. Free shipping worldwide.

Delivered within 10 days to L 48 States ( 12 days to Hawaii and Alaska), Europe, Australia and Asia. 
Delivered within 15 days to Africa, Russia, former CIS countries and Eastern Europe.
Keep at least one Crystal Sri Yantra in the SOUTH EAST CORNER of your home /office. SOUTH EAST CORNER is the wealth area. Keeping the powerful positive energy symbol of Sri Yantra in this corner is very beneficial.

Sri Yantra Mandala Cards

Unique 100 different variations of Sri Yantra Mandala formation. Color therapy principles are widely used in coloring the mandalas. Light energy in the form of colors helpful in balancing energy levels on  persons body on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. These Sri Yantra Mandala cards are laminated and are durable. They are meant too last for years of everyday use. You can carry these cards with you and merely look at them for a few minutes. You can also meditate on them. It will be an extremely rejuvenating and energizing experience. Most of our clients who have used the Sri Yantra Mandala cards mention of greater calmness, patience, sense of happiness and the feel good feeling. They are also able to work more efficiently with higher levels of concentration in their everyday jobs. 

Sri Yantra Mandala cards. Laminated - 100 Nos. 

U.S$25/- Free Shipping



Have you used Sri Yantras before? Have you felt the positive energy and the benefits? If yes we recommend decorating your entire home or office with Crystal Sri Yantras. Opt for a package of Fifty Crystal Sri Yantras 100 carats each. We will send an assortment of different crystal Sri Yantras. Please click on the images to view larger sized images. 


U.S.$275 (All inclusive )

50  Crystal Sri Yantras


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General instructions for using Sri Yantra

Merely keeping the crystal Sri Yantra would be sufficient. Please keep it in your home /office and periodically wash it with water. If possible keep any source of light - like candle/incense stick etc. near it for few minutes a day.

  Sri Yantra Mantra & 2 Dimensional formation 

Please watch the below video of Sri Yantra images and listen to the mantra whenever possible. It is very ideal to run this video in the early morning. The mantra and the 2 Dimensional Sri Yantra images will usher in tremendous positive energy.

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Sri Yantra Mandala Images

 The following are the various formations of Sri Yantra created based on color therapy and vedic principles. Merely looking at these Sri Yantras will take you to trance like state. Looking at these Sri Yantras will have tremendous positive impact. It will also boost your focus, creativity and concentration. Please take prints of these Sri Yantra images and paste it at your home/office wherever possible. 

Please click on the images below to view higher resolution images.




In case you wish to have the print-outs of images sent to you can order below.

Sri Yantra Mandala cards. Laminated - 100 Nos. 

Discourse by Venerable Yogi Ram Surat on Sri Yantra

The discourses on Sri Yantra were in Hindi and we present the translation here. 

"Sri Yantra is truly a divine gift from God to the mankind. Sri Yantra is a like powerful magnet that attracts Peace, harmony, good luck and  prosperity. Some one who is in the vicinity of Sri Yantra formation will never have any problems in life. Sri Yantra is like a powerful anchor that clears all the turbulence in life. It is truly a mystery as how Sri Yantra formation was known in ancient India. Some of the earliest paintings of Sri Yantra dates back to almost 8000 years in Indus valley excavations. Such a complex geometrical formation could not have been designed by people of that era. It must have been revealed to them by super natural divine force. 

In India there are millions of temples on every nook and corner. Many of these temples date back to 5000 years and more. You go to any village, town or city in India you will find temples. What is common among all these temples ? All these temples are built based on Sri Yantra Mandala formation.  Has such temples brought peace, prosperity and harmony to India?  But many ask. Many might see only the visual poverty in India and the superfluous history of India.- India was invaded and ruled by many right from Alexander to Muslims, Arabs, Turks, Huns, British, Portuguese etc.. How do you then say that India was blessed? prosperous? peaceful? I see extreme poverty in India? India was invaded and ruled by so many outsiders? But If you look a bit deeper and see what is happening in the rest of the world you will understand that India was always the most prosperous, peaceful and blessed place on earth. If there was one place one country in the world that never had any major problem, major war, famine or disaster - that was India. There were wars, turbulence and famines in India but if you compare it with what happened in the rest of the world it was nothing. Sri Yantra formations that dot in millions the landscape of India in the form of various temples has indeed brought tremendous good luck, prosperity and peace to India. 

For most part of the recorded history till 17 century India was the most prosperous nation on earth. India controlled 30% of the entire world's wealth till 17 the century. The wealth of India has always dazzled the world since ages right from Alexander of 3 century BC to British of 17 century AD. India's huge wealth of gold reserves, diamonds, gemstones, jewelry, arts works, handicrafts, textiles, silk, spices dazzled the entire world. India above all was an agriculturally surplus nation. It's rich Indo gangetic plains and fertile mountain regions of Kerala  produced huge amount of surplus food products and exotic spices.  Rulers of the entire world wanted to invade India and get their share of India's wealth. Greeks, Persians, Arabs, Turks, Huns, Portuguese, British invaded India for it's wealth. The aim of Christopher Columbus was to reach India but he accidentally discovered America. India historically being wealthy and a surplus nation never found it necessary to invade any other part of the world, colonize it or plunder it. It was always India that was colonized and plundered and still had plenty. 

During 6 century BC that is 600 years before the birth of Christ much of the world including  Europe the cradle of modernity was living in dark ages of violence and hatred. Cannibalism was rampant everywhere. It was in same 6 century BC that Lord Vardhamana Mahavira and Lord Gautama Buddha preached non violence, vegetarianism and high ideals of humanity. 

In India the invasions and wars from days of Alexander to Mughals to British hardly caused any major loss of life. Indians made peace with the invaders and lived amicably. But if you look at the history of the world - not just in dark medieval ages but even in modern times you will find that peace has eluded the whole world but India. In America even during 1880's millions of young men died violently in American civil war. In Europe? right from the very first day of recorded history of Europe there was always war and bloodshed that caused millions and millions of premature violent deaths.  This continues even today. World War I in in recent 1914? 20 million Europeans died and another 30 Million severely wounded. World War II in 1945? Almost 85 million in Europe, Japan, China , Russia and America were killed violently and prematurely and another 90 million severely wounded. India was the only country which was hardly affected.  Many might point to the India's long standing conflict and wars with its neighboring Pakistan. The nuclear stand off and 3 wars India fought with Pakistan might come to the mind of many. But the total loss of life to India in it's 3 wars with Pakistan all these 65 years was not more than 10,000. Slightly more than the 9/11 attacks. In meaningless wars like Korean War, Vietnam war America lost hundreds of thousands of young men. 

Even in  normal peacetime situation  peace and happiness has eluded much of the world. America has one fourth the population of India but has 15 times more crime rate. Same is the case with Europe and so called rich nations. Broken families, soaring divorce rates, children neglecting elders is rampant in most countries. All these cause huge distress and lack of peace. But not in India. India has hardly any incidence of divorces or broken families. Peace and happiness that has eluded most of the world is abundant in India. 

This is all to say that India is truly a blessed place with abundance of peace and happiness. Many say the financial materialistic wealth has for some reason eluded India for past 150 years. It is indeed true. Many countries have overtaken India over the past 150 years in material wealth. But entire world now agree and is witnessing the spectacular economic growth and expansion of India. Hundreds of millions have been lifted out of materialistic poverty and it is only a matter of time before India regains it's past glory - a glory that it had for the most part of recorded history as an economic super power and the wealthiest place in the world. 

Sri Yantra alone can explain the good fortune , peace and harmony that India always had. the millions of temples that represent Sri Yantra formation that dot every nook and corner of India gives out tremendous positive energy. When you bring such a powerful positive energy formation of Sri Yantra within your home you will never have any problem in your life. . Be near Sri Yantra formation of any form. Draw the Sri Yantra formation on a piece of paper and keep it in your home and place of work. If possible make the Sri Yantra formation in wood, rock, metal or crystal and keep it in your home and place of work, There will never be any turbulence in your life in the presence of Sri Yantra. Peace, prosperity , harmony and good fortune will always be yours